Attorney Adam S. Tracy (Adam Tracy) Featured in Bloomberg

Cryptocurrency attorney Adam S. Tracy is featured in Bloomberg Electronic Commerce and Law Report and offers guidance concerning divorce and the implications for owners of cryptocurrency.

From the article:

“Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies “remain great conduits for money laundering and hiding the proceeds of any operation, whether legitimate or not,” said Adam S. Tracy, the founder of the Tracy Firm LTD in Chicago.

Tracy represents individuals and businesses that operate with Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

“In the family law context, and to a lesser extent in the post-judgment collection arena, cryptocurrency could have a significant impact when litigants elect to conceal property or transmute currency into harder-to-detect cryptocurrency,” Tracy told Bloomberg Law in a Dec. 27 email.

He added that, if one were inclined to hide assets from a spouse, “the use of cryptocurrency would have to be deliberate, planned and done over time to be more effective than attempting the same with currency.”



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Adam Tracy brings over twenty years experience as a growth hacker, risk management attorney, startup consultant and dealmaker.